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In Episode 18 of the Workforce Skills Podcast, John delves into the essentials of building strong relationships in business. He discusses the importance of adhering to business laws, taking care of employees, and managing stress by keeping work and home life separate. Tune in for valuable insights on fostering a positive work environment and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
In Episode 17 of the Workforce Skills Podcast, host John Morris delves into the issue of entitlement in the workplace. John explores how the mindset of entitlement can hinder personal and professional growth, affect team dynamics, and ultimately impact company culture. Tune in as John shares real-life examples, insightful strategies, and practical tips to overcome entitlement and foster a more productive and positive work environment.
In Episode 16 of the Workforce Skills Podcast, John Morris delves into the importance of maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace. John shares valuable insights on how to stay positive amidst challenges and how setting a good example can inspire others to do the same. Whether you're a team leader or a team member, this episode is packed with practical tips to help you create a more positive and productive work environment. Tune in to learn how to lead... continue
In this episode of the Workforce Skills Podcast, host John Morris delves into a sensitive yet crucial topic: dealing with loss in the workplace. Whether it's the tragic loss of an employee due to death or the difficult decision to fire employees who aren't meeting expectations, John provides insights and strategies to manage these challenging situations. He explores how these losses impact the remaining team members and offers advice on maintaining morale and productivity. Tune in for a compassionate and... continue
In Episode 14 of the Workforce Skills Podcast, John Morris delves into the crucial financial concepts of income versus expenses. He breaks down how much profit a company truly makes after accounting for payroll, overhead, and other operational costs. Whether you're a business owner or an employee wanting to understand the financial health of your organization, this episode provides valuable insights into the realities of profit margins. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how businesses manage their finances... continue
In Episode 13 of the Workforce Skills Podcast, host John Morris dives into a critical and often overlooked topic: addiction. John discusses how addiction can profoundly affect both home and work life, shedding light on the challenges faced by those struggling with addiction and the ripple effects on their families and colleagues. Through personal anecdotes, expert insights, and practical advice, John aims to raise awareness and provide support for those impacted by addiction. Tune in to learn about the signs... continue
In this insightful episode of the Workforce Skills Podcast, John Morris explores the increasingly blurred lines between personal and professional life due to the use of personal phones at work. Join us as we delve into the challenges this poses for productivity, privacy, and professional boundaries, and discuss practical strategies for managing personal device use in the workplace.
Join us in Episode 11 of the Workforce Skills Podcast as John Morris delves into the essential skills of time management. Discover practical tips and strategies that can help you organize your day, prioritize tasks, and boost your productivity. Whether you're a professional looking to streamline your workflow or someone wanting to get more out of your day, this episode will equip you with the tools to take control of your time.
In this episode, host John Morris talks to Danny, a standout former student of his workforce and life skills class. Danny's journey has taken him from being an inmate to a hopeful Commercial Estimator at PHP Commercial Painting. Learn about the challenges he faced, the opportunities that changed his life, and his aspirations for the future in a candid discussion that will inspire anyone looking to make a significant career transformation.
Join us in episode 9 of the Workforce Skills Podcast as we welcome John Morris, an expert in career development and workplace efficiency. In this episode, John shares invaluable insights on what it takes to be successful in the modern work environment. Whether you're just starting your career or looking to enhance your professional skills, this episode offers practical advice that you can implement immediately to improve your work performance.
In this enlightening episode of Workforce Skills, we're joined by John Morris to explore the "10 Things That Require Zero Talent." Discover how to maximize your potential and succeed in your career without relying on innate talent alone. John shares invaluable insights on how attitude, effort, and simple daily practices can make a significant difference in achieving your goals.
In episode 7 of the Workforce Skills Podcast, host John Morris dives into the essential theme of personal preparedness, exploring how being prepared can make a significant difference in both professional and personal realms. John unpacks the key elements of readiness, from the mental and physical preparation to the practical skills and knowledge needed to navigate life's challenges and work demands. This episode offers valuable insights and actionable advice on how to cultivate a mindset of preparedness, enhance resilience, and... continue
In Episode 6 of Workforce Skills, John Morris takes the spotlight to share his invaluable insights on employability and communication skills. With years of teaching experience, John breaks down the essential skills needed to excel in today's job market. Tune in as he provides practical advice and strategies to enhance your career prospects and professional communication.
On this episode of the Workforce Skills Podcast, John Morris engages with Fred Santor, lead painter at PHP Commercial Painting, who turned his life around after years in prison and became a beacon of hope and determination. Approaching 60, Fred’s narrative underscores the idea that it's never too late for transformation or to pursue a new career path. Through sharing his late bloomer success story, Fred inspires listeners with his journey to becoming a key figure at PHP Commercial Painting,... continue
In episode four of the Workforce Skills Podcast, host John Morris welcomes Rick Augustine, co-owner of R and R Painting Arizona, for a heartfelt discussion on their joint efforts to help former inmates reintegrate into society. This episode explores the partnership between New Freedom and R and R Painting Arizona in offering employment opportunities to individuals with past incarcerations. John and Rick share stories of the progress and success of these men, emphasizing their humility, helpfulness, and eagerness to reform.... continue
In this inspiring third episode, host John Morris welcomes Jason Bliss, who shares his compelling life story of resilience and redemption. Having navigated the turbulent waters of incarceration multiple times, Jason has emerged with a renewed focus and a successful career in welding. This episode explores Jason's journey from the struggles of his past to establishing stability and success in his life. Listeners will hear about the steps Jason took to improve his credit score, his dedication to his welding... continue
This episode of the Workforce Skills Podcast, hosted by John Morris, features a profound conversation with DJ, an estimator at PHP Commercial Painting with an extraordinary life story. DJ opens up about his early challenges, including his time in prison and his transformative experience at New Freedom. He discusses the critical skills he acquired that paved the way for his successful career transition in the construction industry. From learning job etiquette in a painting class to rising as an estimator... continue
Welcome to the first episode of 'Workforce Skill with John Morris,' where we explore the transformative impact of basic communication and employability skills. Join us as host John Morris, owner of PHP Commercial Painting and a passionate mentor, shares his unique approach to nurturing talent and fostering professional growth. Our guest, William Marcial, is a living testament to the life-changing power of mentorship and education. William's journey began with challenges in his youth, but through John's guidance, he has flourished... continue